Passion through curiosity, connection, and teaching.

Hello there, I'm Andrew.

I am a believer in dreaming big, and achieving those dreams through vigorous passion, dedication and hard work. I like exploring the unknown, solving problems that no one else has, and sharing those experiences with everyone.

How I got here

My journey into the world of computers began when I was six years old. I built my first of many computers. It was then that I knew I would have a career in computers. Following suit with my passion for creating things, I built my first eCommerce website at the age of 14 to sell items I found in Diablo II. The rest is still unfolding.

What I do

I find creative ways to solve business problems, having worked at companies differing in size and mission. My superpower is connecting business and technical teams to solve real world problems, leading process improvement, and motivating people to translate ideas into action.